How To Keep Kids From Buying Movies On Amazon Prime

How To Keep Kids From Buying Movies On Amazon Prime

With an abundance of streaming services, it can be difficult for parents to ensure their kids are not buying movies on Amazon Prime. But with a few easy steps, parents can make sure that their children are not taking advantage of the convenience Amazon Prime offers for purchasing films and shows. Ahead, we discuss how to maintain control and keep kids from buying movies on Amazon Prime.

1. Establish Boundaries Before Buying Amazon Prime

Purchasing Amazon Prime can be an exciting prospect. It delivers an array of services at an unbeatable price. However, before subscribing, it’s important to set some boundaries so that you don’t get overwhelmed with the features:

  • Be selective with the services: Amazon Prime offers Prime Video, Prime Music and delivery services. You don’t need to subscribe to all of these services. Check what services best suit your needs and only choose those.
  • Set a budget: Prime allows you to buy books, clothes, electronics and much more. Set a budget for yourself, so that you don’t get too tempted to buy stuff on a whim.

These simple steps will help you make the most of Amazon Prime without overspending. With these boundaries in place, you can enjoy the best of Prime without regret.

2. Monitoring Content for Kids on Amazon Prime

As parents, it can be difficult to know what content to allow our kids to view, especially when there are streaming services available on the living room television. With Amazon Prime, there are several different methods that parents can use to keep their kids safe from inappropriate content.

  • Kids Mode: Amazon Prime has a Kids Mode that automatically filters movies, shows, and other content for those below the age of 13. To access this safety measure, simply open the Amazon Prime app on the TV, select Settings, then Kid Profiles, and tap Screen Time.
  • Parental Controls: For parents who want more control, Amazon Prime also allows them to set parental restrictions on content. This can be done by following the same steps as above but selecting Parental Controls. Parents can then choose which kinds of content they want to allow and block.

No matter what content their kids are interested in, parents have options when it comes to monitoring what their kids have access to on Amazon Prime. It’s just a matter of knowing what options are available and taking the time to set up the restrictions.

3. Alternatives for Kids to Enjoy Movies

Streaming Services – Nowadays there are many streaming services available that allow your kids to enjoy movies from the comfort of home. From Netflix, Hulu, HBO to Amazon Prime, your kids can have access to a wide range of movies and shows. The great thing about these services is the ability to tailor the content to ensure age-appropriate material for young viewers.

Go to a Drive-In – Taking your kids and some friends to a classic drive-in movie can be a great way to enjoy a movie outdoors. Kids love the outdoor setting, being able to talk, move and even bring their own snacks. Nowadays there are plenty of drive-ins popping up in most major cities, and at a fraction of the price of a traditional cinema.

4. Prioritize Screen Time for Kids on Amazon Prime

Set Limit to Usage

Amazon Prime has a plethora of videos and shows to keep children entertained without causing too much of a burden to parents. But now that streaming services have become easily accessible for kids, it is important for parents to set limits to the amount of time their kids can spend watching shows on Prime. It’ll ensure that children are not only getting their entertainment through sources like Prime but also making time for physical activities and engaging with family.

Utilize Parental Controls

To make things easier, Amazon Prime facilitates parents with effective parental control features. This set of features allows parents to block content they don’t want their kids to watch, filter out programs that are inappropriate, and set viewing limits to ensure that their kids are spending the desired amount of screen time. That way, parents can ensure that children get to watch their favorite content as well as stay within their reasonable limits. No parent wants their kid using their Amazon Prime account to buy movies. With these tips, your kids should no longer be able to purchase movies from Amazon Prime. Reminding them these tips, along with setting some house rules and restrictions, will help keep your kids from running up an Amazon Prime bill!

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